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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekachidd Chungcharoen
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Boonchai Suwanvutthiwat
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Shareholders

The Company’s total revenue from sales and services in 2020 stood at 1,055.55 million Baht, increasing by 15.75%, with the net profit of 73.86 million Baht, increasing by 78.32% YoY. It was a year in which the company had its operating results grow beyond its target.

Amidst the transmission of Covid-19 pandemic throughout the course of 2020 that has significantly impacted the global economy and society, it has been the year full of challenges facing all business sectors. For Phol Dhanya, it can be said that the Covid-19 situation presents both crises and opportunities in operating the business concerning safety, occupational health and environment. However, the negative impact can be noticed from the fact that the Company’s major customers in the industrial sector have all been affected by Covid-19. The lockdown measures in the country and overseas have caused interruptions among many businesses. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors and the management have been closely monitoring the situation and made essential preparations to accommodate the ever-changing situation; taking care of staff members’ health, preparing the information technology system, adjusting work processes to ensure continuous business operations, and adjusting the strategies and supply chain management in a timely manner in the ‘new normal’ way of doing business and living lives. This has contributed to increase demand for safety and occupational health products, allowing the Company to grow amidst the crisis.

Apart from articulating business growth, the Company also adheres firmly to the principle of good governance, operating the business with responsibility towards the society and the environment, as well as all groups of stakeholders. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis, the Company places great emphasis on caring for customers, partners, employees, communities, and medical personnel whom the Company has been supporting with face masks, viral protection gears and equipment to hospitals and different organizations during the shortage of those essential items. Given the Company’s determination in operating the business that satisfies the economic, social and environmental dimensions following the sustainable development direction, the Company has been listed in Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) in 2020 for the second consecutive year for the public limited company listed in the mai stock market. The Company has also been rated “excellent” for the sixth consecutive year in corporate governance operations.

In terms of the operational directions going forward, the Company is still determined to strive for sustainable growth. The pandemic has emphasized the need for the Company to actively adapt, change the strategic direction, improve work processes, human resources, enhance the competitive edge and enable business expansion opportunities to be able to respond to potential threats and rapidly changing business landscape and technology. The Board of Directors believe that the Company has sufficient potential to drive growth and create values for shareholders and all stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

On behalf of Phol Dhanya PCL’s Board of Directors, we would like to thank valued shareholders, customers, partners and all stakeholders for giving trust and support to the Company’s business execution all along. The gratitude should also be extended to the Board of Directors, the management and all staff members for being the key driving force behind the Company’s great success.


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