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Sustainable Development Policy


The Company is committed to conduct the business with transparency, ethics and social responsibilities, take into account all relevant stakeholders and follow the laws and regulations or related international practices. This is to develop and build the foundation of the business for continuity and sustainability by establishing sustainable development policies that covers economic, social and environmental dimensions as follows.



Society and community:

Environment and Coping with Climate Change:

Occupational Safety:

Tax Policy:

The Company aims to be an organization with valuable growth and high tax responsibility, the Company’s operations must be consistent and meet the tax standards by adhering to the following practices.

Policy of Conducts and Respects for Human Rights:

The Company respects and follows the principles of human rights by respecting human dignity, rights, freedom and equality of persons who are certified or protected both by Thai and International laws Executives and employees are obliged to comply with principles of human rights and the rule of law as well as respects for human dignity, rights, freedom and equal treatment.

Information Disclosure:

Policy Compliance:

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