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Whistleblowing and Complaint Filing Mechanisms

The Company has arranged for credible and independent channels for filing complaints and whistleblowing in case of legal or ethical misconduct, violation of the anti-corruption policy or behaviors that may suggest dishonesty and inappropriate conduct of organizational members; staff members, executives and stakeholders. Everybody, either the Company’s staff members or outsiders, is allowed opportunities to provide clues, thus they are required to notify of the possibility of corruption via available channels. Punishment shall be exercised upon the person who is aware of the information or incident that may involve corruption but fails to notify the responsible parties. The Company has the measures on protecting whistleblowers, with mechanisms to protect providers of information, and emphasizes on keeping the complaints confidential, in order to build confidence for the complainants. Nevertheless, punishment will be exercised upon those who provide untrue information.

Doubts of Corruption

In case that directors, executives, or employees are doubtful of actions that might involve corruption, or have any questions or uncertainty, one is advised to seek consultation with one’s direct supervisor or the Secretary Office.

Please contact: Management and Organization Development Office

Company Secretary
Tel. (662) 7910111 ext. 151
Head of Internal Audit Office
Tel. (662) 7910111 ext. 115

One can also submit clues or file complaints via specified channels.

Channels to send Whistle Blowing, Notice of Complaint

  1. Via email to:
    Board of Directors Email:
    Audit Committee Email:
    Company Secretary: Email:
    or via our website:
  2. or via post directly to:
    The Audit Committee through Head of Internal Audit Office
    Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited
    1/11 Moo. 3 Lamlukka Road, Ladsawa, Lamlukka, Pathumthani 12150
    Tel. (662) 791 0111

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