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In order to implement good governance procedures, the Board of Directors has determined the Internal Audit division to report directly to the Audit Committee and to the Chief Executive Officer. In this regard, the Internal Audit Director shall take the role of the Audit Committee’s Secretary, responsibilities under the Internal Audit Charter which has been reviewed and approved at least once a year by the Audit Committee to ensure that the responsibilities specified in the charter and the duties of the internal audit division are consistent. In this regard, the Internal Audit division should report operating performance and present advices or significant short coming to Audit Committee on a quarterly basis and also report to the quarterly audit results to the Board of Directors.

The Head of Internal Audit Department

Audit Committee has appointed Miss. Kamolphobphan Puapansakul, Internal Audit Director, as the head of Internal Audit Division and Audit Committee Secretary, who is the right qualification, knowledge and experience in our internal operation for more than 10 years, to supporting the Audit Committee to achieve an efficiency in their objective. Consideration and approval the audit plan, an appointment, deprivation and evaluation and compensation of the head of Internal Audit Division must be approved (or agreed) by the Audit Committees.

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