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Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited or “the Company” was registered and established on January 4, 1961 with the initial objective to distribute grain and agricultural products. The Company had halted its operation for a certain period till 1979, the Company’s operation changed its business mission to the distribution of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products. Over 40 years, The Company is one of the leading comprehensive distributors. In 2009, the Company has expanded into Water treatment business by selling water treatment equipment for home-use and industrial-use, by designing, manufacturing, construction and installing water treatment systems, as well as by selling treated water in the form of concession contract.

These 3 groups of products consist of the following:

1. Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products or SAFETY

The product group used to create safety for workers or to enhance safety in the workplace. The Company is one of the leading comprehensive distributors of more than 3,000 safety products under well-recognized brands, the Company is appointed as a distributor of more than 30 brands and is an exclusive distributor for such brands as King’s, Microgard, Ansell and Chemtex. Moreover, it has also successfully developed its house-brands, including SYNOS, and ROCC. The Company's product distribution is divided into 2 groups as follows:

  • 1.1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    This product is for the person or workers used to wear on any part(s) of their body during work operation in order to prevent from any dangers that may arise from the working environments such as dangers from heat, intense light, sound, toxic, and chemical substance. These personal protective equipment can be used to protect workers from head to toes such as helmet, safety eye glasses, ear plugs, face shield, safety gloves, shoes, firefighting clothing and other protective equipment.

  • 1.2 Safety and Environment Products

    These products is used to enhance safety in the working place such as toxic gas and flammable gas detector, emergency eye and body washer, chemical containment, moving & transfer equipment, ventilator, safety lock, and safety sign.

2. Control Environment Products or CE

Control Environment Products are used to control the environment for the cleanliness and safety in the workplace, such as Cleanroom for Hospital, Cleanroom for electronic component manufacturing industry, Cleanroom for automobile components manufacturing industry, Cleanroom for Pharmaceutical industry, Cleanroom for medical devices manufacturing industry, and etc., which need to contamination control small particles and dust coming from workers, machinery, manufacturing process, and outside air. These can result in products or workpieces of no quality Products in this category includes clean room clothing and clean room suit, equipment for cleanroom such as wipes, clean room stationary, cleaning equipment, antistatic device, and etc.

3. Water Solution Products or WATER

The Company has categorized the operations into the following 3 main sectors:

  • 3.1 Engineering structural design, production, construction and installation of water treatment systems with focus on water management systems in order to meet the needs of water usage, includes tracking laboratory results analysis maintenance and after sales service. The services divided into 3 types depending on the needs of the customer, such as Engineering Procurement and Construction or EPC concession project in Build-Own-Operate or BOO and Build-Operate-Transfer or BOT.
  • 3.2 The distribution of machinery and equipment related to water treatment system used in industrial and household level such as sediment filtration device and chemical, water pumps, water storage tank, water treatment system kits (Module).
  • 3.3 The maintenance services of the system and equipment associated with water treatment system.

The water or wastewater treatment system that the company provides services to customers can be divided into 5 systems according to the demand and the required quality of water including Waste water treatment system Waste water recycling system Potable and drinking water system Purified water system and Desalination system.

Business Structure of PHOL Group

The operations of the Company and its subsidiaries as follows:

Company Business
1. Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited Distributor of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products in domestic and oversea.
2. Phol Palladium Company Limited Distributor of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products to focus
3. Phol Water Company Limited (subsidiary company) Business integrated for water solution systems, distribution, construction, production, and service for both public and private sector clients.


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