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The Company is committed to conduct the business with transparency, ethics and social responsibilities, take into account all relevant stakeholders and follow the laws and regulations or related international practices. This is to develop and build the foundation of the business for continuity and sustainability by establishing sustainable development policies that covers economic, social and environmental dimensions as follows.


  • Adhere to moral principles and transparency in business operations as well as comply with laws, regulations, procedures and standards that are set and practiced.
  • Adhere to and comply with policies and guidelines that the Company determines, including corporate governance policy, business ethics policy and guidelines to prevent and oppose to corruption and others.


  • Continuously seek for development and improvement of operational efficiency in all processes by setting goals, measuring methods, tracking results, and evaluating for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop and promote innovation as well as new technologies to support operational processes and services as per a business strategy in order to create additional values and long-term organizational growth.
  • Promote and encourage partners, trading partners and stakeholders throughout the business chain to conduct business in accordance with sustainable development guidelines.

Society and community:

  • Promote and develop capabilities of employees by continuously providing trainings and creating safe and healthy working environment to stimulate creativity and potential capabilities to respond to customers’ needs and satisfaction in terms of quantity and quality of both products and services.
  • Strengthen and promote activities between communities and related stakeholders with the openness of opinions and creative consultation, equal treatment, and supports of development of quality of life and the strength of communities.
  • Cooperate with government agencies, business partners and other stakeholders to participate in the development of communities.

Environment and Coping with Climate Change:

  • Seek for methods including efficiency campaigning to reducing uses of resources and energy, environment protection as well as wastes in order to prevent, control and reduce impacts on environment, community and society, as well as preparing to cope with various environmental risks in order for the business to be continuously run and encounter the least impact.

Occupational Safety:

  • Set goals to be free from injuries and illness from any working process by developing and improving safety standards, good hygiene to be higher than legal requirements.
  • Do not do anything without safety control policy, safety equipment as well as appropriate and sufficient training by continuously and consistently participating in consciousness stimulation and culture cultivation regarding safety to the community and society.

Tax Policy:

The Company aims to be an organization with valuable growth and high tax responsibility, the Company’s operations must be consistent and meet the tax standards by adhering to the following practices.

  • Tax Structure: The Company will not use any fraudulent tax structure as well as inappropriate approach or create any complexity for tax benefits and tax avoidance.
  • Tax Incentives: The Company aims to legally and efficiently use tax benefits under a sustainable and appropriate business decision which is also under the national tax policy.
  • Tax Transparency: The Company has a transparent tax reporting to the government, which can also be verified.

Policy of Conducts and Respects for Human Rights:

The Company respects and follows the principles of human rights by respecting human dignity, rights, freedom and equality of persons who are certified or protected both by Thai and International laws Executives and employees are obliged to comply with principles of human rights and the rule of law as well as respects for human dignity, rights, freedom and equal treatment.

  • To perform, promote, protect and encourage for respects for the rights of protection and basic human rights in all levels without any person being treated unfairly or discriminated regarding race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, age, physical appearance, language, political opinion or any other status.
  • Executives and employees have duties and responsibilities to promote the rights of individuals according to international standards within either the Company or the business group to ensure that a business operation will not engage in any violation of human rights.
  • To determining and maintain fair working conditions as well as to be in accordance with human rights such as not using child labor or other matters that represents the disrespect of human rights or not based on international standards regarding human rights, freedom and equality.

Information Disclosure:

  • Disclose sustainable development policies, information on sustainability operations, and performance in all dimensions in accordance with the criteria and requirements of relevant agencies, including transparency, sufficiency, and completion to demonstrate the commitment to sustainable organization development.
  • Disclose this policy to employees and stakeholders to acknowledge and practice to be able to conduct business with the Company.

Policy Compliance:

  • Directors, Executives and Employees in all levels are responsible for supporting, promoting and complying in accordance with this sustainable development policy of the Company and being parts of the corporate culture as well as carrying out tasks that take into account the overall social responsibilities regarding economic, social and environmental matters.


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