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Principles of Corporate Governance


The Company intends to operate the business with a good governance. It determines to support and develop the Company to become an effective organization adhering to ethical operations with ethics, transparency, and honesty based on business ethics. Be responsible to relevant stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, competitors, creditors, communities, society and the environment.

The Company has established “Corporate Governance Policy” by adopted 8 main principles, sub-principles and guidelines from Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) for listed companies 2017 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission with the purpose to be applied to the business context of companies to serves as best practice for the Company’s Board of Directors, Executives, Employees, Corporate Governance Support Agencies and Internal Audit Department to create values and highest return to the business in a long run to achieve sustainable growth. The policy also creates trust in all groups of shareholders and stakeholders.


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