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Phol Dhanya PCL is aware of the significance of preparing for the continuity of business operation without interruptions, hence has developed prevention measures and crisis management protocols as part of business continuity management, with the objective of responding to and effectively alleviating impact of the crises, being able to operate at the designated level to protect benefits of stakeholders as well as organizational reputation and image. Therefore, the business continuity management policy has been adopted, with the following guidelines:

  1. Implement the business continuity management policy that goes in line with the BS25999 (BCM: Business Continuity Management Standard) in order to manage business continuity and encourage continuous improvement, leading to an organization-wide adoption and constant reporting of the operating performance to the top executives or when significant changes arise.
  2. The Board of Directors and/or the assigned directors are responsible for controlling and supervising business continuity management that aligns with the policies, objectives and changing environment.
  3. The management is accountable for encouraging, supporting and following up with the business continuity management operations, as well as providing essential resources to carry out business continuity management activities, developing competencies of staff members to ensure they can perform effectively.
  4. Encouraging all levels of staff members to gain knowledge, understanding and awareness in business continuity management in a way that leads to actual practices in an efficient manner, as well as instilling the awareness of participation, roles and responsibilities and policy compliance to meet the objectives of business continuity management.


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