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Disclosure Policy

The Company emphasizes greatly on an accurate disclosure of information to shareholders and investors comprehensively, sufficiently and in a timely manner, to ensure that every group of individuals have equal access to the information. As a listed company in the mai stock exchange, the Company is required to comply with the regulations on a timely disclosure of information, careful handling of the information that may affect the securities price that cannot be disclosed (“internal information”). Such information may impact the Company’s securities’ price or asset value, influence investors’ decisions, or impact changes in the securities price.

Scope of Policy

  1. This policy is part of Phol Dhanya PCL’s Corporate Governance policy, which is exercised upon the directors, executives and staff members of the Company and subsidiaries, proxies, delegates and other individuals.
  2. This policy covers the disclosure of information submitted to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), relevant regulations, financial and non-financial information, management discussion and analyses (MD&A), statements appeared in the annual or quarterly reports, news report, news documents or accompanying media presented by top-level executives, including the information disseminated on the Company’s website or via other printed or electronic media.
  3. This policy covers the disclosure of information delivered verbally in meetings, phone discussions with analysts and investors, media interviews, press conferences and conference calls.
  4. This policy does not cover the disclosure of information related to public relations, sales promotions, products and services promotions or other activities promoting the business in general.


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