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Investor Relation Code of Conduct

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The company realizes the importance of Investor Relations which is medium between the company and its shareholders, investors, analysts, and the public through various channels that require a constant and up-to-date communication.

In order to have a good way of Investor Relations, apart from conforming to the company’s employee Code of Conduct, those employees who work as Investor Relations must also operate with Investor Relations Code of Conduct as follow

Investor Relation Code of Conduct

  1. Disclose necessary and important information thru public under accurately, sufficiently and in time for safety sake to all.
  2. Keep confidential of company information. Not abuse those relevant information which lead to their own as well as others’ benefit.
  3. Disclose information in fair and just. Allow stakeholders to access and inquire all relevant information by contact Investor Relation with good manner and precisely clarification.
  4. Perform as professional in good practice with integrity and fair. Avoid all discrimination, bribery that may lead to any own benefits beyond company and stakeholder.
  5. Build up good image, perception and attitude toward company as well as have good relationships among concern parties.
  6. Abide strictly to Company’s guidelines upon internal information and stock trading.
  7. Perform as professional with good knowledge and high competency.
  8. Keep continue in learning and improve regularly.


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